Automatic inventory management (veterinary supplies, shoeing & diets)

When recording for example HEALTH, VETERINARY VISITS, and FARRIER RECORDS, it is possible to enter the products that have been used, selecting them from the Inventory module.

Thus, automatically, it is recorded in the Inventory item (product) that a certain quantity of it was used and therefore always keeping the stock updated.  You can also calculate the cost of the products applied, to use as Expenses while entering the actual record.

To activate this functionality, you must access the Preferences and mark "YES" in the option "Products from inventory".

Feed Consumption:

For Diets, it is even more automatic, as CRIOONLINE will discharge feed consumption from inventory daily, so you just need to keep the current diet of each horse up to date.

This feature is activated in Preferences, marking "Diet consumption from inventory" in YES.