Subscriptions: upgrades - cancellations - change plan

New subscriptions

When your trial account ends, as soon as you log in, you can see the options to subscribe using credit cards or PayPal. 

If you want to subscribe before the trial ends, you can do so using the upper right menu, option "Subscription".

You can contact support for other ways to do it (multi-year subscription, Zelle, Western Union, bank transfers, etc).


Upgrade / Change plans

Sometimes you started small and your business grows and you need to upgrade to more advanced plans. Other times are the other way around: your want to downsize.

Please contact our VERY responsive support so we can advise you.


Cancel subscription

If you subscribed using PayPal, you can cancel your subscription there.

If you used a credit card directly with us, please contact support, so we can cancel the subscription.

We don't try to lock you in, but it is of much help if you provide some feedback about your time with us and/or the reason you are leaving.