How to: Embryo Transfers

With CRIOONLINE you can control the whole of your Embryo Transfer program.

Step 1 - Inseminating the Donor mare

Go to the Donor mare's profile and record a Breeding Service.

You can do it in 2 ways:

  • use the "Mare's pregnancy status" on the profile page ("Change status" button).
  • or on the Breeding tab, adding a Breeding Service

In both cases, you have to mark the field "To be flushed" in YES. This will tell the system that this insemination is for embryo retrieval in 7-9 days.

Step 2 - Recording the embryo flush

After the 7-9 days, you will need to record the embryo flush on the Donor page.

To do so, go back to the  "Mare's pregnancy status" on the profile page (this time use the "Enter flush details" button).

When you record the embryo flush as successful, the system will redirect to the list of Breeding Services of the mare.  The donor mare will be open again.

Step 3 - Doing the Embryo Transfer into the recipient mare

Once you landed on the Breeding Services of the Donor mare, you will see a green button "FLUSH DONE". If you click it, you will see the option to record the embryo transfer on the recipient mare.

The system will list empty recipient mares for you to select from, and in case it is not yet created you can use the "+" button to create one on the fly. Remember that for a mare to be considered a Recipient and appear on the list, you should have marked it as so in the "Horse Status" section.

So, once you create this embryo transfer on the recipient, it will be marked as served but yet to be pregnancy checked.


Take into account this:

When starting to use the system, you may have several recipient mares already carrying a pregnancy.

Instead of going through the 3-step process detailed above, you can just record a Breeding Service on the Recipient mare of type "Embryo Transfer".  This way you don't have to enter so much historic information.