Quick creation of pedigrees (Manually)

Step 1: Create the animal, without adding its genealogy (Using the "Add horse" or "Quick entry" options on the main screen)

Step 2: Access the pedigree of the horse and enter the ancestry

The missing animals in the genealogy have 2 buttons:

  • Add an animal: presents the option to create a horse in CRIO and assign it as the dam/sire of the animal
  • Select an animal: searches for a horse already entered in CRIO and assigns it as the dam/sire of the animal

Once you select or create the ancestor, the option to add its parents will be enabled... repeating step 2 as many times as required to create the full pedigree in depth.

Note: It is quite practical that you first enter the genealogy of the most used stallions in your farm, so that when executing step 2 and selecting the Sire, the system loads ALL IT'S BRANCH in the genealogy.

Note 2: To avoid entering the same animal multiple times and that they are repeated in the system, you should use the "Select an animal" option instead of creating it if it was previously created in another genealogy. In Preferences, we have an option that makes the system not allow repeated names, which can help minimize errors.