Differences between ACTIVE & REFERENCE horses

ACTIVE horses are those that you use in your everyday work or at least those that are on your farm. These horses will be taken into account for:

  • Reminders (pregnancy, farrier, vaccinations, breeding controls, etc)
  • Breeding (Services, breeding controls, pregnancy monitoring, etc)
  • Summaries and reports

Besides, on an Active horse, you can record historical data (health records, competition, farrier, training, cost/expenses), while in Reference horses you just see a timeline of records in read-only mode.

On the other hand, REFERENCE horses are those that for any reason you are not monitoring and entering records.

Generally, these animals have some of these characteristics:

  • Are sold or dead
  • Are stored in the system as part of the genealogy of other horses (active or not)
  • External horses that don't need to enter information (stallions you bought semen from for example)
  • Genealogy for research 

You can't create historical records on these Reference horses.

CRIO ONLINE plans only take into account the number of ACTIVE horses you have, not Reference ones.