Horse groups

In CRIO you can create groups of horses to ease your work.


Groups are versatile tools that you can use in multiple ways:

Batch entryHaving a list of related horses in a group, makes it easy to select them and enter batch records.
ListingYou can create lists of horses using the group's dynamic filters and then export the list as PDF/Excel.
ReportsYou can filter reports by group so that the information on the report only applies to the horses in that group.
Filter in other featuresSome features can be filtered by group, like the Mare Breeding Summary.
User access permissionsWhen you want to limit a user to only see information about a group of horses, you can create a group by the owner, for example, and assign that group to the user configuration.

Types of groups

Dynamic groups (default)

You set the criteria to be part of the group and the system. You can filter by categories,  date of birth range, age range in months, owner, breeding status, sold, death, etc.

That is why these groups are dynamic, changing the horses in the group as the information about the horses is changed by you. You can remove a horse from the group, instead, you change the horse information.

Manual groups

You create the group with a name and then add horses to it.

This group is static, you have to manually add or delete the horses.

You can add horses in batches to a manual group, using the orange menu option "Add to..."


You can customize the columns you want to display in the horse group.

For manual groups, you can add comments to each horse and also an index number, that can work as a way to sort the list.  The index is particularly useful for sorting the list of horses in a Public Link (view next section).

Public link to a group of horses

You can create a public link to a group of horses, that can be shared on social media or messaging apps. You can even embed this list of horses on your website.

It can be customized, setting the format of the list, what information is included, if each horse is clickable to view individual info or if you want to see pictures or not, among other settings.