QR Codes - Stall Cards - public links

Barn Stalls QR Codes

To help you link the digital and physical side of your business we introduced static QR Codes linked to barn stalls.

We call them static as they don't change, so you can laminate them and use them outdoors.

Each code is pointing to a stall, so when it is read with your phone camera, you can see information about the horse or horses currently inside the stall.


How to create them

If you go to one of your barns, in the top right corner there is an option to print these QR codes, for all the stalls or just a set of them. You can also choose different layouts and sizes (including your logo, the stall number, or just the QR code).


How to protect the information

If you want only your workers can see this information displayed, you can protect the whole barn with a 4-digit pin.

This is how you see it on your phone:


QR Codes pointing to a horse (not to a stall):


You can also create a Public Link to a horse and create a QR code for that link.

To do so, there is a section on each horse's profile, where you can activate the public link and customize what information should be shared there.

Once the public link is created, you can use the link in social media or even embed it into your webpage (as this customer does), or you can create a QR Code to it.


Stall Cards:

When you click on an occupied stall in your barn, you can see information about the horse there, his diet, etc.

And there you can choose from different formats of Stall Cards, each focusing on different information types (diet, pedigree, etc). When the horse in the stall has a public link  (check previous info), a QR code is also placed in the stall card generated.

The drawback of printing these stall cards is that the information can change (a new diet, for example) and the paper becomes outdated and you need to print a new one. 

Use this option to have a stall card during a Show, so that visitors can see the information about the horse, like its pedigree, right away.