Limit user access to certain horses

Set which horses the user have access to

If you have several users in your system, and you want a certain user to only be able to see the information of certain horses, in CRIO ONLINE this is called PERMISSIONS PER HORSE.

It is very useful when we want to give access to the owner of a group of horses, and we do not want him to access horses that do not belong to him, typically when we have a boarding and/or training business.

This functionality combines very well with the ROLES configuration for each user... that is... we can configure which horses a user has access to and also which functionalities they have access to (for example, we could want them to be able to see the information of their horses, but can't change anything).

You can give user access to the horses in 3 ways, Manually, by Owner, or by Group of horses.


  1. In the "Users and Roles" section of the "Settings" tab (accessible only to administrators), we must edit the user whose access we want to limit.
  2. On the editing screen, there is a button that says "Apply access by horse", and you have to mark it "YES" and select "MANUALLY".
    Access the "Settings" tab again, to the "Permissions per horse" section.
  3. The "Permissions per horse" option shows a list of horses, and on each, there is a button to assign the users that have permission to that horse.
  4. Ready! Now when that user accesses CRIO ONLINE, he will only be able to see the horses to which he has access.

By owner:

Instead of setting access to horses manually to the user, you can mark that you want to grant access to the horses he owns. To do so, you just need to select the owner from the drop-down list.

By group:

Similar to the previous option, you can grant access to the horses that are part of a group of horses. This will give you much more flexibility, as the group can be created using different criteria.

Users who do not have "Enforce access by horse" configured, can access all the horses in the system. This is the default behavior and nothing additional needs to be configured. The above is only configured for the users that we want to limit.