Pregnancy management

  • Search the mare in MY HORSES or in the upper-right search box, and click on its name.
  • Look for the "Mare's pregnancy status" section, typically on the right column.
  • In the "Mare's pregnancy status", you can see several statuses:
  1. If the mare was served (AI, ET, LC) the first status is "Without verification". At this moment you can see an option to record a "Breeding Control", where you can enter the pregnancy verification. Once it is done, the mare is officially pregnant in the system. To do so, you just need to check the option "Pregnant" to YES, that is the most important bit of information there.
  2. If mare is not served, status will say "OPEN", and you are allowed to change its status, where you will enter:  Sire, Date, Type of Service (AI, ET, LC, ets), cost, vet. Then, the mare is in the state described in #1.
  3. If Mare is pregnant, status is shown in green, and also displays how many days have elapsed from the breeding service. There you can enter more Breeding Controls as pregnancy monitoring. This monitoring is done by the vet with ultrasound or palpation, where he can detect for example an abortion and if he mark that option, the mare will be OPEN again (although it will indicate OPEN BY ABORTION in its status).

The procedure indicated to mark a mare pregnant guides you on how to do it and should be simple, but all this can be done manually by accessing the options of BREEDING SERVICES and BREEDING CONTROLS of a mare.

If you accessed it there, it is a little more complex. But it can be useful if we make a mistake (for example, if you mark a mare as aborted... since we can not correct the state with the procedure above, and you should go to the BREEDING CONTROLS section and correct that last follow-up).