How to manage Horse Diets

In CRIOONLINE, you can create Diets and assign them to horses so that the system will charge each horse the daily cost of it and also keep the feed inventory stock up to date.

Step 1: Create feed products in the Inventory module 

Create all the products in the inventory selecting the product type "Feed". When creating it, you can enter the current stock of it.

After the creation, you can change stock adding a "Stock movement", be it an ADDITION to stock or a WITHDRAWAL.

One important aspect to take into account is the UNIT of measure: The unit of the inventory product must be the same in which the feed is consumed (if you buy bags of feed, express the stock in lb., since surely the consumption will be done in lb., not in bags) and the same applies to the price (if consumed in lbs, the price should be per lb).

You can also set the stock alert threshold for the product, so that once you reach that stock threshold, you will start receiving notifications by email alerting you that your product is low in stock.

Step 2: Create the diets in the Diets module

In the Diets module, you create a diet just by selecting the products created in the Inventory module.

When adding products to the diet, you can set the quantity and optionally the time of the day. Each product on a diet can appear multiple times during the day.  

You can create a Diet to be used by multiple horses or an individual diet with the special horse requirements.

Step 3: Assign the diet to the horses

To assign the diet to a horse or group of horses there are 2 ways to do it:

  • One by one
    • Go to the horse profile and there is a section, usually below the Pedigree section, and select the name of the Diet. 
  • In batch
    • Go to a list of horses ("My Horses", a Paddock or the horses in a Group) and mark the checkboxes next to them. This will make a new menu appear, and there you need to go to the "Assign diets" option.
    • In the popup you will see the list of horses with the current diet each one is on. You can select the new diets one by one, or you can use the upper select option to set the same diet to all the horses in the list.
    • Hit "Accept" to actually apply the changes.

Changes 2022:

Now horses can have 2 current diets, one for the main diet and you can also assign a secondary one for supplements or to do short-term additions to the main diet.

Configuration options:

In the Preferences options, there is a section called "Inventory and diets", where you can activate or cancel certain behaviors.

For example, you can set if you want the diet consumption to be withdrawn daily, or if you want or not to charge diet cost to the horse on a daily basis, send or not low stock alert emails.