Feed/Diet Management (Costs, Inventory, Reminders)

In CRIOONLINE it is possible to manage the costs and inventory of feed, through the diets of horses.

In "Preferences" there are 3 options to activate (it is not necessary to activate the 3, only what is needed):

  • Diet consumption from inventory: it will record in the inventory the daily consumption of diet products 
  • Diet cost to horse account:  it will record daily diet cost to the horse expenses
  • Low stock email alerts: so that the system alerts you when running out of certain products  

On the Inventory module, you create the FEED PRODUCTS you use in your diets. You need to set the unit of measure of this product and the cost per unit.  Important: The unit of the inventory must be the same in which the feed is consumed (if you buy bags of concentrate, express the stock in lb., since surely the consumption will be done in lb., not in bags) and the same applies to the price (if consumed in lbs, the price should be per lb).

On the other hand, once the current stock of an inventory item reaches the alert threshold set in it, the system will send a low stock alert by email indicating which items are low in stock.